No date night last night…

Which is a really lousy way to begin this blog, but we’re just keeping it real.  For the first time in months, Mr. R. and I chose to stay home last night.  Work schedules and other issues conspired to keep us in, HOWEVER, fortunately Mr. R. has Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week so we look forward to spending some time together before Mrs. R. heads off to visit the folks for a few days.  Our original plan was to have cocktails and dinner at Kokomo’s in Loxahatchee.  If you find yourself ‘way out west’ sometime, Kokomo’s is a good place to go.  They have a full bar and a restaurant and there is outdoor seating out front if you’re so inclined.  Friday nights they have a prime rib special, of which Mr. R. is a big fan.  Mrs. R. usually enjoys the crispy fish sandwich or the chicken ranch wrap.  Both are served with Kokomo’s seasoned fries which are enjoyable.


Keep coming back to this blog.  We have lots of fun planned for the summer, including a trip to Tampa Bay ComicCon and perhaps a few days in the Keys.  All of this in addition to visiting some of our favorite Date Night haunts.  Welcome!

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