You Can’t Fix Stupid

You Can’t Fix Stupid

From time to time, Mr. R. and I go to Jupiter Inlet for date night.  It’s a great place to take our chairs and a bottle of wine.  We love to sit and watch the boats go by.  Every once in a while you can even see dolphins. 

On Sunday there was a tragedy in the inlet–two snorkelers were hit by a boat and one eventually died at the hospital.  The thing is, the inlet is not a good place for snorkeling, diving, or swimming.  The water is rough, the current unbelievably strong, and there are BOATS, who can’t see tiny little heads bobbing just above the surface of the water.  It was reported in the wake of this tragedy that there are signs posted prohibiting swimming in the inlet, but I can’t say that I’ve seen them.  I have seen groups of people in the water and thought that it didn’t seem like a good idea. 

Which brings me to today.  In our ramblings today, Mr. R. and I ventured to the Jupiter Inlet, where we parked to watch the water for a while.  At one point, directly across from us on the opposite side of the inlet we saw a group of three carefully pick their way across the boulders down to the water’s edge and one by one splash into the churning water, dive flag in tow. 

Now there are two possibilities: One, they have no idea of the tragedy that occurred merely three days ago.  Or two, they simply don’t care.  As soon as they were in the water, the current swept them west and I didn’t see them after that.  It’s like Ron White says…You can’t fix stupid.