Sardonic is sarcastic on steroids. “–Mr. R.

One day I will write a whole book of ‘Mr. R.isms’. For now I will simply enjoy them.

Once Again, Letting Our Geek Flags Fly



Taking Date Night on the road this weekend, Mr. R. and I are attending Tampa Bay Comic Con.  I am beyond excited.  We’ve had our tickets for months and just this week we discovered that we will have media passes as well.

I’ve followed San Diego Comic Con longingly for years, but as we live on the east coast, attending is not very feasible.  When I learned about this one in Tampa, I was totally in.  Now truthfully, neither of us is actually into comic books.

We are, however, HUGE Game of Thrones fans.  And, as it turns out, Richard Madden (aka Robb Stark) will make an appearance.  We told you not to marry that girl, Robb.  Can you say ‘red wedding?’  Pedro Pascal will also be there.  We’re talking Oberyn freaking Martell, everybody’s favorite bisexual Dornish prince.  Sans the squished head.

Veteran actor John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Raiders of the Lost Ark) will be there, as will  Evan Peters, from every season of American Horror Story.

Although Mr. R. doesn’t really follow it, I am a big fan of The Walking Dead.  Appearing at TBCC will be Brighton Sharbino (“Look at the flowers, Lizzie!”) and Kyla Kennedy (cute little sister Mika, killed by Lizzie who lost her mind).

TBCC afterparty

Ybor City is one of my favorite places on the planet and as it happens, we’re staying there for this adventure.  I’ll have to tell you about it sometime.  But for now, you should know that we also have tickets Saturday night’s After Party at The Castle, a club in Ybor City.  I’ve had my costume for months.  I’m going as Ashara Dayne, a character mentioned in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, although she has yet to actually appear.  Mr. R.’s costume is more difficult to define.  He has this really cool black suit coat with a large hoodie that will cover his face.  He’s like a mysterious, scary assassin.

Stay tuned for photos and updates from this adventure.

Geek, by the way, is NOT a bad word.  Just letting you know…

And So I Wait


I hate going to the doctor. I’m not sick, mind you. I’m here against my will.  I’m here because I’m being extorted by my work.

“Get a physical, blood work, and take our simple wellness survey and you can save $600 this year on your insurance premium.” This is what they say.

What they mean is, “Jump through these hoops or we’ll be taking even more out of your paycheck for what was a BENEFIT when you were originally hired.”

Finally made it to an exam room. There’s nothing to look at except these weird anatomical drawings of arms. Frankly, they’re creeping me out.

And so I wait.

This is Happening Tomorrow


sharknado-2-the-second-one-300x300Was this really necessary?  Do we call it ‘awesomely bad’?  And if we do, does throwing the word awesomely in there negate the bad, or does it work the other way around?

I’ve always thought the movie Rock of Ages was awesomely bad.  But it has the advantage of great eighties music, so it’s actually more of a sing-along. 

Consider the fact that watching this abomination will cost you a hundred and twenty minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.  I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, of course.  Just trying to help you think it through. 

I know you’re wondering…On Wednesday night, will Sharknado 2: The Second One be on at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.? 

Nope.  We’ll be binge-watching Dexter

Carry on, literate people.


To-may-to, To-mah-to

laughter heart

Mr. R. makes me laugh.  I love that about him.

He came home from work today in a bit of a snit.  I met him in the driveway as he was backing in and watched as he clipped the gate with his passenger side mirror.  Climbing out of the truck he exclaimed to me, “Did you see those girls?”

I looked up and down the street and shook my head.

“They were just walking down the sidewalk,” he said, accusingly.

“Get out!  Someone had the unmitigated gall to walk down the sidewalk?” I teased, still not seeing anyone.

“There I was, backing in to the driveway, and they just sauntered along behind the truck like there was no one else in the world.  I was stuck halfway in the street and another car came along.  How stupid can people be?!” he ranted. 

“Bad day, babe?” I asked, smiling.

“No, I didn’t have a bad day.  I’m just tired of stupid people!”  Mr. R. returned.

I snickered a little.  “Sorry you’re feeling grumpy today, love.”

“I’m not grumpy!” he countered.  “I’m just pointing shit out.”

No more snickering.  I erupted into gales of laughter.

Fair enough, Mr. R.  Fair enough.

Yet Another Reason I Love Him


Behold, the new hand painted wine glass Mr. R. bought me to replace the one that was broken. We got it Friday night at the Art & Wine Promenade in Northwood Village.

Artist Nicke Barefoot (I swear, she goes by that name) has a booth there every month and she sells the beautiful one-of-a-kind  glasses. Each one is an original piece of art and she paints a signature bare foot on the base of each one. In addition to wine glasses, she has martini and pilsner glasses as well. Her flier says that she accepts commissions for special projects. I’m thinking this could make for a fabulous wedding gift.

At any rate, I’m thrilled with my new wine glass. A toast to my sweet Mr. R. Thanks, babe.