Much Ado About Nothing–Last Four Performances


The final four performances of the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festivals production of Much Ado About Nothing are tonight through Sunday night.  If you haven’t yet toddled on out to Jupiter’s Carlin Park, you should absolutely do so.  Mr. R. and I took the folks, my 23-year-old son, and our 6-year-old niece on opening night last week and everyone loved the show. 

Below is the link to the Palm Beach Post’s review.  Note to self: In any reviews I write, I will seek to avoid personal insults and stick with the facts at hand.  Is the word “rotund” really necessary?  Anyway, for your perusing pleasure:

I believe I just reviewed a review.  Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing–Last Four Performances

  1. I’m no where near there, but I envy those who are. Much Ado is one of my favorites of the Bard. For those who can’t make it? Check out Joss Whedon’s latest version of it. It’s set in a modern setting (Joss’s house, actually), and has an amazing cast almost all from the Whedonverse.


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