Oh, To Post or Not To Post?


This morning, I read a post on a WP blog disparaging the way some bloggers seem to find it necessary to constantly make critical comments on what we write and post.  Later, I saw this quote which seemed rather apropos, and not knowing whence it came I thought to possibly share it.  However, upon Googling it, I discovered that it’s from a Taylor Swift song. 

Crap!  Taylor fricking Swift.  That tears it, I can’t possibly post it now. 

Plus, one day last week I read a blog post in which the writer criticized bloggers who post memes and other unoriginal items rather than their own heart-felt original work.  I believe the exact quote was, “That’s why I chose WordPress rather than Tumblr.”  Well, la-ti-dah! Thank God for that!

Next thing I know, I’m feeling bound by self-consciousness.  What will people think?  Philosophy, Taylor Swift style.  Unoriginal work.  Can’t I write something worthwhile without leaning on someone else’s thoughts? 

Then it hit me: I started this blog to post the things I find meaningful.  I post things that make me laugh, things that make me mad, things that express my absolute appreciation for the love of my life, things I want to share with others.  Most of what I post I write myself, but from time to time, the words of others strike a chord.   There is value, whether or not the words originated with me. 

And if no other soul ever reads or appreciates the things posted here, that’s alright with me.  I’m happy to have the outlet.  I’d a thousand times rather post the things that are meaningful to me than try to tear down the things that are meaningful to someone else.

And besides, just because Taylor Swift said it doesn’t mean it’s not true.