Never Ever Hang Anything Over the Edge of the Bed


You know about this rule, right? Since childhood I’ve had this irrational fear of something creepy with bony claws reaching out from under the bed to grab me, pull me under, drag me to another dimension. It’s not just me, right? Probably not. This is why I never hang over the side of the bed.

Until this morning. I woke up feeling overheated and noticed that it was light, so throwing caution to the wind I stretched out my right arm and dangled my hand over the side, settling down for a few more minutes of slumber.

That’s when SOMETHING TOUCHED MY HAND. I’m fairly certain I levitated over the bed as I screamed out words that require a rather large deposit into the swear jar.

For his part, the cat, who’d brushed my hand hoping for a little breakfast, stared at me, all indignation. “What?!”

Now, what have we learned?