But Not This One

Several years ago, Mr. R. and I took a cruise to the Western Caribbean.  We had an absolute blast!

Key West was our first stop, but it was not ideal.  We were in port from 7:30 am until noon and, simply put, Key West does not do mornings.  It’s more of a sunset kind of place.  Who wants to do a Pub Crawl excursion at sunrise?  We opted just to walk around town and do a little shopping.  At the time, Mr. R. was all about collecting shot glasses (he’s since gotten over it) so we stopped in a little souvenir place to browse.  He ended up purchasing a cool memento of our visit for about $5.

The next stop was Mexico.  We docked at this little pier in the middle of nowhere.  You had to take a cab to Playa del Carmen.  But the place had lots of vendors for those less adventurous souls who didn’t want to bother finding a way into town.  We checked out the blankets, baskets, marble chess sets, and other items for sale.  Then we came across a guy with shot glasses.  Mr. R. carefully perused his wares until he found exactly the one he wanted.

“How much?” he asked the vendor.

“Twelve dollars,” came the reply.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Mr. R. objected.  “I bought a shot glass in Key West yesterday for $5.”

“Si,” countered the shrewd businessman.  “But not this one.”


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