To Which I Say, “Oh, HELL No!”

wpid-139354352666114167500401197_0226_fivewives_101_supertease.jpegDon’t mind me.  I’ve been grumpy all day.  The latest thing to annoy the living crap out of me was a commercial for this show.  I’d never heard of it before but apparently it’s been on for a while.  So dude has five wives.  There are scads of kids.  And wacky adventures ensue.  Unh hunh.

The advertised episode teases that all is not quiet on the Western front.  It’s not all bliss at the OK Corral.  Five wives seem to be fairly demanding.  Who’da thought?

It’s the guy who really rubbed me the wrong way.  Each wife wants undivided time and attention.  Apparently there isn’t enough of homeboy to go around.  Something he might have thought of about four wives ago.  Just saying.

But dude is all, “I’ve got to keep it fair.  I’m proposing double dates.”  That’s going to go over well.  How awful to have five women vying for your attention.  How does your ego stand it?  Maybe they could have a competition to win extra time.  I don’t know, maybe fire-building like on Survivor.  Or trivia questions like on Jeopardy.

I think the bigger question might be Why is this on television?  Who is watching these shows, because I know there are other ‘reality’ shows featuring polygamy.  In what way is this interesting?  I’m only writing about it because I’m peeved.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m don’t mean to criticize the way someone else wants to live.  If every participant is happy, who am I to bash their deal?  Like a good friend of mine says, “To each his own.”  Whatever blows your skirt up, I suppose.

All I’m saying is that for me, this is not a thing.  I don’t want to share my TicTacs, let alone my man.