This Is Where It’s Five O’Clock

wpid-img_396779963211817.jpegThe Square Grouper Tiki Bar at Castaways Marina in Jupiter is one of our favorite date night destinations.  Located on the water across from the Jupiter lighthouse, it’s famous, unpretentious, and fun…everything U-Tiki aspires to be and isn’t.

The entire place is outdoors, but strategically planted palm trees offer shade from the sun.  Two thirds of the menu feature liquid refreshment, but they recently added a few bar food items to what they offer.  We sampled their new food selections recently, ordering burgers and they’re good.  But keeping it real, nobody goes to Square Grouper (which, by the way, is slang for the bales of weed that occasionally make their way to Florida beaches, having been tossed overboard to prevent detection by the Coast Guard or other official entities) for the food.  And you can get cocktails anywhere.  You come to Square Grouper for the atmosphere and view, which are fantastic, and you come for the live music.  Any given time you roll in, there’s someone playing something.  And every now and then, someone famous just pops in unannounced and plays a set.  Alan Jackson has been known to take a notion to stop by and play for an hour or two.

And speaking of Alan Jackson, guess where the video for his song, Five O’clock Somewhere was filmed?  That’s right.  The Square Grouper Tiki Bar.  Told you it was famous.