No, Thank You


Here in the US we’re on the eve of Thanksgiving, that day we’ve set aside to gather with family and friends as we count our blessings and express our gratitude for the past year.

Thanksgiving Day can also be considered Black Friday Eve, the day when frugal shoppers pore over store sale flyers and plot their Christmas shopping strategy like the Allies D-Day invasion of Normandy. You know, the 50-inch tv for $200. The tablet for $20. Local news showed people camping out in front of our local Best Buy on Tuesday.

I for one will be nowhere near all the pandamonium. I hate crowds of people on a good day. And there’s absolutely nothing I need worth sleeping out in front of a store for three days.

Here are things I’d rather do than go shopping on Black Friday: Sleep late beside my sweet. Watch the Macy’s parade on tv. Organize the plastic containers and lids. Chew off my own arm. Have a root canal.

Is all of my shopping done? Of course not. But I can shop online 24/7/365. And I don’t have to camp out in my living room.

The Shirt Off My Back

It’s turned chilly here in the land of sunshine and citrus. And by chilly I mean low to mid-70s with a very cool biting breeze. It’s brutal. Don’t be a Judgy Judgerson.

I got out my favorite fleece hoodie earlier in the week. Mr. R., being much manlier than I, just dug out a microfiber pullover last night. We had this conversation this morning.


Mr. R.: I’m not worried, I’m in danger. (very anxious look)

Me: Why? What’s wrong?

He: I’m in danger of you taking this pullover away from me. I love it so much.

Me: *eyeroll* I would never take your jacket from you.

He: It’s like the hugs of a thousand angels.

Me: Well when you put it like that