The Shirt Off My Back

It’s turned chilly here in the land of sunshine and citrus. And by chilly I mean low to mid-70s with a very cool biting breeze. It’s brutal. Don’t be a Judgy Judgerson.

I got out my favorite fleece hoodie earlier in the week. Mr. R., being much manlier than I, just dug out a microfiber pullover last night. We had this conversation this morning.


Mr. R.: I’m not worried, I’m in danger. (very anxious look)

Me: Why? What’s wrong?

He: I’m in danger of you taking this pullover away from me. I love it so much.

Me: *eyeroll* I would never take your jacket from you.

He: It’s like the hugs of a thousand angels.

Me: Well when you put it like that


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