Bear Poop or Further Proof That He Loves Me

I know that I’ve mentioned the wisdom of marrying a man who can cook. My sweet is a fantastic cook, and what’s more, he enjoys it. Which is great for me since although I can cook, I don’t really like to.

At work I’ve been assigned to the Hospitality Committee. Every month we plan some morale-boosting treat for the staff. This November, we elected to forego the traditional pot-luck in favor of providing dessert-type nummies the last day before the Thanksgiving holiday.

I knew just what I wanted to contribute to the cause–Mr. R.’s famous Bear Poop. I’ll describe it for you. The three-layer confection is chocolate chip cookie topped with Oreos topped with brownies.


So today, after working hard all day long, my sweet came home and made his famous treat (it’s famous at my work anyway). Because he loves me.

I’m a lucky girl.