Still Giving Thanks

I know. We just celebrated Thanksgiving. But today, I want to give thanks for one more thing. December 1 marks the official end of hurricane season. From June 1 through the end of November, we go out and buy candles, batteries, and Spam, keep our eyes on the tropics, hoping for the best.

wpid-screenshot_2014-12-01-20-00-59-1.pngWe’ve made it through another year unscathed. No boarded up windows, no fortnight spent sans electricity. I can’t shrug off the sense that we’ve dodged a bullet, that we’re due sooner rather than later. But for now I’m going to be grateful.

9 thoughts on “Still Giving Thanks

  1. I understand your gratitude. Glad for you too! We are considering moving to Puerto Rico one day and narrowly missed the rains of Bertha 8/2 as we left a month long visit there. Beautiful living in FL and the Caribbean , but angst(!) in the hurricane season.

  2. I can understand your need to give thanks for that. As someone who lives in an area with river floods and landslides being our worst natural hazards (Britain) I truly feel for people who must face severe ones, like hurricanes. I hope you really enjoy your hurricane-free season.


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