Last Minute Gift Idea For The Lady In Your Life

Holiday shopping can be exceedingly stressful.  You have to budget so you know how much you can spend.  You need a list so you don’t forget anyone.  You have to brave unbearable traffic and then find a place to park.  You have to fight the crowds to get the really great deals.  Black Friday?  Don’t even get me started.  And you have to do your shopping early enough to wrap the gifts, pack them, and ship them to their destinations.

Mr. R. and I actually did most of our shopping online this year.  You can get the same deals, often even better ones, you skip the traffic and the crowds of nasty shoppers, and you can wear your pajamas while you shop.  I’m in!

wpid-img_635581897597331.jpegDuring a recent jaunt to the mall, however, we spied this sign in the window of a store.  Now you wouldn’t exactly describe this establishment as one of those fussy exclusive boutiques where they serve you wine while models try on the clothes for you.  Nevertheless, the advertised wares are intriguing.

Which part do we like better?  The price?  Or the fact that they’re brand new and never used?  It sort of makes you wonder about the panties at Victoria’s Secret.  I mean, they don’t say that they’ve never been used.  So keep this in mind as you shop for the special lady in your life.  Because after all, only the best will do.