They Paved Paradise

I’ve had this song on my mind the last few days.  It seems like every time you turn on the news, another great local gathering place is being plowed under to make way for another big-ass shopping complex slash condo community.  In the past six months we’ve lost Tiki at the Riviera Beach Marina and Panama Hattie’s and Rum Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, which were two amazing places go meet friends and chill.  Word is that Tiki is going to reopen in West Jupiter.  As in, waaaayyy far from the water.

The developers try to sell it as job creation, a nice boost for the local economy.  Here’s the thing.  By the time they get these places built, local patrons need not apply.  These will be condos and shopping centers for the wealthy snowbirds who come for the season.

Out here in the country, we’re awaiting the groundbreaking for a new mega planned neighborhood on what used to be citrus groves.  It’s meant to be a self-contained (read gated, so keep out) community of 5,000 homes.  Five.  Freaking.  Thousand.  It has the distinguished name of Mintos.  Aren’t those the little mint candies you drop into a 2-liter of diet cola to make a geyser?

Most of us moved to the country to enjoy the peace and quiet.  Guess we’re going to have to start looking out in the Everglades.

Y’all better get out and see the trees while they’re still there.

9 thoughts on “They Paved Paradise

  1. Annie B

    It’s precisely we “loaded up the truck” and moved to be near the mountains. I need space – while there is space to be had.

    Everglades, huh?

      1. Annie B

        No. No they won’t. They’ll invite themselves over for dinner and you’ll wish you were back in the land of the five thousand. At least most of those critters can use utensils and rarely eat their hosts!



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