Date Night Yard House

“We have an appointment at 3:30,” Mr. R. said to me on Saturday.

“What kind of appointment?” I asked reasonably.

He smiled sagely.  “An appointment.  Be ready to go by 3:00.”

The appointment, it turns out, was for me to get a mani-pedi, which I have not had in years.  Mr. R. called and set up the appointment for me as a surprise.  He dropped me at the door of Polished Nail Spa at PGA Commons.  “Text me when you’re done,” he said.  And so I sat with my feet soaking in the warm swirling water as I once again contemplated the fact that I’m a very lucky girl.

I had never been to this particular salon before; it was very luxurious, much nicer than the little place I used to go to next to the grocery store.  And it was packed, every station occupied by people having their nails done.  Each pedicure chair had an iPad, which I tried to use to distract myself from what the nail tech was doing to my toes.  It wouldn’t do to kick the poor lady in the head.  But confession, y’all, I am not very techie and I don’t own an iPad, so I couldn’t work it very well.  I did manage to pull up YouTube but the Rolling Stones song I chose sort of clashed with the spa music so I turned it off again.

wpid-img_20150110_171041.jpgWhen my fingers and toes were buffed and polished to perfection, Mr. R. picked me up and we headed to the part of Date Night I knew about, dinner at Yard House, courtesy once again of Christmas gift cards.  Again, Yard House is a chain, but I actually like that place.

wpid-img_20150110_171300-1.jpgIt has a cool ambiance, a large diverse menu, and pomegranate martinis.  Normally, they have great music, but there was football on, so no such luck.  But all was good when my pomegranate martini and the truffle fries arrived.  Mr. R. enjoyed his cappuccino with our appetizer while we pondered our dinner choices.  He ended up with the Lobster Garlic Noodles along with a Lost Coast Alleycat Amber  while I had the Chicken Enchilada Stack.  Both were excellent and I might have had another pomegranate martini before we called it a night.

All in all, a gift card to Yard House does not suck.  It was a fun date night.