Date (Day) At The Fair

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-25-00-10-18-1.pngIt’s South Florida Fair time and Mr. R. and I took advantage of free tickets courtesy of his work as we do nearly every year. Entrance tickets are are $15 per per person. Add to that the cost of rides and food, the average family of four drops between $200 and $250 for a visit.  That’s not happening.

This year’s theme is Las Vegas, which is weird because like the real Las Vegas, we almost couldn’t find our way out of the first building we entered.  It was noisy and crowded so we made our way outside as soon as possible.  The weather was odd, sort of an unsettled day, cloudy and windy and alternately cold, then warm.  This would explain the strange array of outfits we encountered.  In a group of people, one person would be all bundled up in a jacket and hat while the next person would be wearing short shorts and a sleeveless top.  Mr. R. and I fared alright in our short sleeved shirts and fleece hoodies.

In addition to the strange outfits people were wearing, the next thing I noticed was a large police presence.  Every minute or so I’d see deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, always in pairs.  I wondered whether there was a reason for it, or if it was an just overabundance of caution.

wpid-20150124_132227.jpgWe headed over to Yesteryear Village, a collection of buildings that have been moved there over the years to create a little town.  I wrote about it in October, as several of the structures are rumored to be haunted.  As we strolled into the little General Store, Mr. R. said, “Look, honey!”  I gazed in the direction to which he pointed to see the shelves full of honey.  Ever the card, is our Mr. R.

We completed our tour of Yesteryear Village, and yes, I once again toured the Riddle House and took pictures.  No spooks to be seen.

wpid-20150124_134055-1.jpgOur next stop was the Mooternity Tent, the area where they keep expectant cows.  I’ve always wanted to see a calf being born.  I am the dork who stands and watches the cows, thinking That one looks like it could go any minute.  Like I know anything at all about cows.

Well, as it happens, a new calf had just been born right before we got there.  We were in time to see the afterbirth.  Ewww.  But the cute little calf was just beginning to stand and a couple of cow people (fairly certain that is the proper terminology) were trying to get it to take a bottle.  The tiny critter was having none of it.

wpid-20150124_134703-1.jpgIt eventually found its mama and let nature take its course.  For some reason, I kept calling it Puppy.  What do I know?

All that drama left us peckish, so Mr. R. and I made our way to where they serve vittles.  And may I just say, there’s nothing in the world like the aroma of fair food?  Onions and fried stuff and turkey legs over an open fire…

wpid-20150124_141830.jpgWe found our way to our favorite: corn dogs.  It’s the one day a year when I consent to eat whatever it is that they put in a hot dog.  While we ate we had a perfect view of all the weirdness that goes by at the fair.  And again, we saw the deputies two by two.

wpid-20150124_140920-1.jpgAfter our meal, we hit the midway again, not to ride the rides, mind you.  I’ve seen one too many report of fair ride disasters on the evening news.  But it was great fun watching people on the rides.

Back in Yesteryear Village, I ran into an old friend.  He was still hanging around, as he’d been the day we were first introduced a few years back.  Back then, Mr. R. and I were exploring the Trapper’s Cabin when I heard a voice shout out in a Florida cracker accent, “Hey, red!”  Naturally, I turned around.  And older guy lifted the rope separating the viewing public from the Yesteryear docents.  He handed me some camouflage clothing and a shotgun, which he had to show me how to hold.

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-24-11-38-32-1.pngThe next thing I know, this picture is part of my Facebook timeline.  PETA types, take a chill pill.  I did not shoot that pig, nor have I ever shot any living creature.  Who knows how old this guy is?  He’s still hanging around today.  He’d just better not ever get lippy with me again, that’s all I’m saying.

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