Superbowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football?  We’re getting that way at our house.  Still in the grip of nasty colds, we’ll be enjoying the game our own way.

First of all, it’s Sunday, which is always Mr. R.’s Monday anyway, so he’s been away all day.  In a pan in the fridge are the ribs he’s planning to make.  At some point I’m supposed to put them in the oven.

I won’t be eating ribs.  I have an aversion to eating meat off bones.  It’s just too caveman for me.  I am planning to make my chili queso, which will make me very happy.

Notice I haven’t talked about football yet.  That’s because I don’t give a rat’s rear end about who wins this silly game.  And it’s not just because the Patriots are big cheater-pants, which they are.  I haven’t cared about who wins the Superbowl since it became clear that there is less than a snowball’s chance that the Dolphins will ever even be in the big game.

I am a fan of Superbowl commercials.  These I will be watching avidly.  They’ve already previewed some of them.  I’m hoping for something that surprises with wit and humor.

There’s a lot of buzz about the half-time show.  Katy Perry.  Meh.  I actually liked Bruno Mars last year.  Remember when The Who played?  How about the Rolling Stones?  Maybe I’ll refresh my nachos during half-time.