Date Night–Royal Palm Beach

tree's exteriorWe tried a new place for dinner for Date Night.  One day recently, Mr. R. received a postcard from Tree’s Wings & Ribs in Royal Palm Beach.  In honor of his March birthday, he was cordially invited to bring the postcard in for a free wings and ribs dinner, plus a complimentary adult beverage for everyone in his party.

The place is located in a strip mall along Royal Palm Beach Blvd.  We entered around 6:30 and were told to pick any table we liked.  It was fairly full and we walked around to the bar in back where we found an available high top.

tree's interiorNormally, I  enjoy sitting in the bar of a restaurant.  Usually that means less ‘little kid racket’ and more music.

We showed the postcard to our server and wasted no time ordering a white zinfandel for me and a Diet Coke for Mr. R.  The wine was not good, probably should have gone with the pinot grigio, but I drank it anyway.  We were not given coasters and I had to put a napkin under my glass because it kept sticking to the table, which only mildly grossed me out.

It took a long time for our server to return to take our dinner order which might have been annoying save for the floor show to which we were treated.  When we walked into the bar we’d noticed two guys sitting at the bar and a very drunk woman talking to them very loudly.  I assumed they were together until she turned her attention to two other guys seated at a table.  Not to be unkind, this woman was not attractive.  She looked what my daddy would describe as “rode hard and put up wet.”  My sense was that she was not nearly as old as she looked.  And did I mention the fact that she was exceedingly loud?  She was chatting up the gentlemen and eating food off their plates, all the while extolling the virtues of Grand Marnier.

wpid-20150320_190836.jpgOh, and we finally got to order.  Mr. R. had his free wings and ribs dinner and I had the fish and chips.  The portions were huge and he loved his dinner, actually ending up taking part of it home with us.  My fish was tasty but room temperature.  I ate about half of it and didn’t bother to take the rest home.

Eventually, Lady Marnier left with her two gentlemen and the entire room sighed with relief.  The quiet was deafening.  You could tell that the employees were glad to see her leave as well.  The staff were very nice.  They were helpful and friendly.  When we left, there was not a vacant table in the whole dining room.

All in all I have to say that I wouldn’t make the trip back to Tree’s.  But you can’t argue with a two very large dinners complete with wine and tip for $20.  My birthday’s in October.  Just saying…