What Gives?

Okay, WordPress people, I have a question.  From time to time I get likes on my posts from a blog which, when I click on the link to check it out, gives the message that the blog has been deleted.  Also, occasionally I get followers who seem a bit, shall we say, sketchy.

How can I tell if these are actual bloggers or if they’re bots or something?  And is there any way to prevent being followed by ‘not actual people’?

Please advise.


17 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. There are some people that just have a user name without a blog or they have deleted the blog but still use the name. I am not sure that is what you are talking about or not. Unfortunately I do not think there is a way to differentiate between spam and not. :/

  2. well, i am a real person and you should see postings if you follow my link. at least i hope you do as i have had others come to my blog and are now following me.
    i would guess you can always block those people that are “sketchy”
    but i know some people just like to read and not do any postings at all.

  3. it happens to me, too, and i’ve no idea who the people are or if their blogs were once real..but as long as they’re not offensive or predatory in any way i don’t take much heed.

    Thank You for raising this.

    Best wishes


    1. Other bloggers have mentioned the fact that some people create accounts just to be able to browse blogs. I suppose that makes sense. Like you said, as long as they aren’t offensive it’s all good. 🙂

  4. I have a lot of people come from Google, etc. because I am listed as Mature and am not promoted in WordPress, so many of my people are e-mail followers. I think that is how they can chime in on the blog.

  5. BallsyBilly

    When I started my blog I had the same concerns, but I just figured I’d hope for the best. I think I may have just been paranoid.
    I did get a couple of very shaky followers/comments in the past that went straight to my spam folder.
    There are spam filters in most blog settings. Then you can check and if you have concerns you just delete from spam.


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