What The?

wpid-20150426_115008.jpgThere I was, minding my own business, taking the land shark out to relieve himself, when I saw this. What the holy heck???

The photo doesn’t do it justice, really.  It’s about four inches long, not counting the antennae.

And I’m almost certain that after I snapped the picture it gave me the finger.  Or the segmented exoskeleton leg.  Or whatever biblical pestilences have.

Oh, and it growled at me, too.  I think.  I’m pretty sure.

27 thoughts on “What The?

  1. wow! that is some type of alien life form!!!
    but kind of cool too. so did ya break out the shot gun as i am sure that would be the thing to do the job. lol

  2. Annie B

    LOL. I had one jump on my leg and attach itself to my blue jeans several years ago visiting my father-in-law in FL. I damn near wet myself while Beloved tried to get the sucker to release his grip.

      1. Annie B

        I felt the ‘thud’ when it hit my leg – almost pissed my pants. I don’t know how I kept from screaming. Prehistoric-looking thing.

  3. Look you live in a State – which calls flying cockroaches — “Palmetto Bugs”. A Roach is a Roach. I’m not surprised you have an insect species which give you the finger….

    1. Yes, but flying roaches are special. They can get tangled in your hair, at which point you’re compelled to do the roach dance and use dirty words. I think it’s a law or something. Our bugs have attitude.

      1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

        We used to have a Bearded Dragon, that we would feed it crickets. Something that big though…well…it might actually eat the Bearded Dragon!!

  4. that’s a large hopper you have there. I would take pics of the rather large beetles we have suddenly hatched here, but I am afraid they would get an attitude and try to take my phone. they’re. just. that. big.

    1. Nasty creepy crawlies seem to be an unfortunate side effect of living in the country. I’ll just pretend I don’t see them. And that your Beatles start with a capital and have an EA rather than an EE. 😉


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