On Mother’s Day

IMG_0677It’s Mother’s Day.

I sent my mom a Pajamagram.  She always loves that.

My boy and his bride stopped by this morning to say hello.  And goodbye.  This photo is from their wedding last Saturday.  They spent a week on a cruise to the Bahamas.  After they left me, the went to pick up the U-Haul they’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow packing.

On Tuesday they leave for Nebraska, about 1,600 miles away, a fact I know because I Googled it.  They have an apartment already rented.  They’ve picked over the various storage units of assorted parents and step-parents and they’re planning on hitting the Ikea store in Kansas City before they reach their final destination.

They’re on their way to starting their new life together.  I’m at the same time thrilled for them and so very proud, but the tears are rolling down my cheeks because I’m going to miss them so much.  They already talked about coming back for Christmas, which I hope they do.

My older son is in the Air Force, stationed in far-off, exotic Missouri.  I haven’t seen him in four years.  He’s mad at me, you see.  I suppose you can count the reasons. It would be pointless to list them.  I imagine I’ve let him down in many ways.

Once in a very great while he responds to a text message.  It looked like he might actually make it to the wedding, but then he didn’t.  I didn’t get my hopes up, I’ve been to that rodeo before.  I hope he’ll at least meet his brother when they stop in Kansas City.

It doesn’t matter, really.  I love both my boys more than life itself.  Being a mom isn’t always easy in the best of circumstances.  And you don’t always have the benefit of the best of circumstances so you just have to do the best you can.

So it’s Mother’s Day.  Hug your mom and tell her that you love her.

7 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. That’s a lovely photo,which you’ll always have to treasure. And you have Christmas to look forward too, as well. Mothers always feel the partings form their children acutely. I had to suffer my youngest working in the Philippines for two years, so I know how you feel. Even now, he’s abroad, in various places. most of the time. As for your other son, I do hope you can sort things out between you. But as you say, we just have to do the best we can.

  2. Annie B

    You are a wonderful mom! He will find his way back when he realizes you did the best you could with all you had and that’s more than enough.

      1. Annie B

        You deserve them. You are wonderful woman and loving human being.

        Happy Mother’s Day to you as well darling.


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