Today’s Adventure


Today’s Adventure in Date Night is not cool. Mr. R. wasn’t feeling well so he called in sick to work. He called the doctor and was given a mid-morning appointment.

After checking his EKG, the doctor said it appears as if Mr. R. may be having some sort of ‘cardiac episode’ and that he should go to the ER.

My sweet called me at work and I left immediately, meeting him at the doctor’s office before he left.

So here we sit. The latest is that they’re going to admit him overnight to monitor his levels to see exactly what the deal is.

One of those ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ kind of moments. I’ll just sit here and quietly worry.


26 thoughts on “Today’s Adventure

  1. Thinking healthy, safe and warm thoughts for you and yours. I know how scary that is… (Get the nurse to bring you one of those warm blankies!) You’ll both be home safe and sound soon.

  2. God, I just went through that with M (intestinal blockage/unidentified/etc.) A month. My thoughts are with you and my hand is there if you need it.

      1. Annie B

        Good morning, PS. Thinking of you and Mr. R – hoping all is well. Sending good thoughts and lots of love 💜❤️

      2. Annie B

        You’re welcome sweets. Here’s to taking your cowboy home today 👍🏻🙏🏻


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