So Here’s The Deal–Update

Yesterday I posted about Mr. R.’s visit to the Emergency Room, having been referred by his doctor due to an ‘abnormal’ EKG.  We have received an incredible outpouring of support and well wishes from our WP family and I want you to know how much it means to us.

So to update everyone…He was moved from the ER to a ward late yesterday afternoon.  The entire time he was at the hospital, Mr. R.’s blood pressure was high despite the fact that he’d taken his previously prescribed medication.  The doctors tweaked with the blood pressure medication to try to level it off.

Mr. R. spent the night on the Telemetry Floor where they kept him hooked up to monitors the entire time.  They drew blood every four hours, even through the overnight hours, much to Mr. R.’s dismay.  When we spoke this morning before I left the house he said that he’d had little or no sleep because of all the poking, prodding, and general hospital activity.

I sat with him all day today as the same monitoring continued.  When the doctors finally explained the results from all the tests, we were told that his ‘episode’ was not, in fact, a heart attack because the ultrasound they did in the ER showed no damage to the heart muscle.  That’s the good news.

On the other hand, they told us that Mr. R. is diabetic.  He’s going to have to make some big lifestyle changes.  It’s sobering, but not the disaster we’d feared.  He was released late this afternoon and is feeling fine.  The tightness in his chest has subsided and the blood pressure is now back under control.

I want to thank everyone who reached out to us during this time.  It means so much to both of us.   ❤

10 thoughts on “So Here’s The Deal–Update

  1. I’m glad you both have weathered the initial scare. No heart attack. Best news.

    Please pass this on to Mr. R: I was diagnosed with my Type 2 Diabetes in 1998, one year late for my 40-year-old check-up. After the initial dismay, I listened, learned, took my meds, exercised way more, ate way better, and — knock on wood — life has gone on virtually unchanged otherwise.

    Good luck. You can do it.

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