Saturday Night Serenade–Memorial Day Weekend

Here in the States we’re celebrating Memorial Day on Monday.  Many people are enjoying a three-day weekend.  The Indianapolis 500 is tomorrow.  There will be barbeques and cookouts, trips to the beach, and huge sales at the mall.  Hopefully folks will also take a little time to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy and the people who gave all so that we could have them.

I’m the daughter of an Army veteran, the wife of a Navy veteran, mom of an Airman, mother-in-law of an Airman, step-mom of an Army veteran, and extended family of a Coast Guard veteran and a Marine.  I appreciate them all.

Happy Saturday night!

11 thoughts on “Saturday Night Serenade–Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I’m the daughter (one of the 3 daughters) of a Vietnam veteran, niece of a Korean War veteran, niece of a merchant marine, granddaughter of a WWII veteran (deceased). I live near a military base, my closest friend is a military spouse. You bet your ass I thank those who sacrifice(d) so I can enjoy my freedom.


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