Saturday Night Serenade–Need You Tonight

What a warm summer Saturday night!  It’s the perfect time for a little INXS.  Let’s roll on back to 1987.

I’ve got to let you know…  You’re one of my kind.

Happy Saturday night!

He Cracks Me Up!

Out here in the country, it’s a sad but true fact that if you open the door in the summer, you get flies in the house.

My Timehop today reminded me of a conversation Mr. R. and I had about a year ago.  He’d been trying unsuccessfully to remove a tiny winged varmint.

Mr. R.: I almost killed that fly with my bare hand.

Me: I would have been impressed.

Mr. R: I once caught a fly with chopsticks.

Me: That was the Karate Kid.

Mr. R.: Oh.  I thought that sounded familiar.

The New Normal

If you’ve followed us through the saga of Mr. R.’s little appointment with mortality, you know that we’ve been making changes at our house.  He hasn’t had a cigar since the one he smoked on his way to the Emergency Room.  He’s been really dedicated to eating right and exercising.

Gone are the fried chicken wings, late-night ice cream sundaes, and huge overloaded dinner plates.  Just by eating healthier and exercising regularly, Mr. R. has lost weight.  He’s aiming to eat mostly what he calls ‘God food’, which I suppose most people call ‘unprocessed’.

Our land shark Jack has started coming into the bedroom in the morning to remind Mr. R. that it’s “0-Walk o’clock.”  The two of them have found a three-mile circuit in the neighborhood and they’ve been sticking to it faithfully.  Their commitment has encouraged me to begin working out, too.  Whatever!

wpid-20150621_161514-1.jpgBut I had to laugh when Mr. R. returned home from the grocery store the other day.  It’s definitely a brand new day.

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Saturday Night Serenade–Whitesnake

Okay, sue me, I loved the hair bands in the eighties.  I loved this song when it first came out and I love it today.

Oddly, though, when I hear it now, it takes me back to a time only a few years ago.  In a very unusual turn of events, I was on a business trip with a group from work in Manhattan.  This was a disparate group that included a representative from each department, some of whom did not exactly get along.  It was very late on a Friday night and I had persuaded the gang to go to the lower east side (of course our hotel was on the upper west side) to a pub that happens to be the home bar of one of my favorite jig-punk bands.

It was a surreal moment in time as we tossed back shots, my boss included, and waited for the Prodigals’ set.  Then someone played this song on the jukebox and suddenly, lubricated by the soothing elements of free-flowing liquor and eighties hair metal, we were as one, belting out the lyrics as though we owned the place.  Good times!

Happy Saturday Night!


wpid-20150619_124135.jpgSo this came today.  Official juror summons.  Yep.  Apparently my name was drawn by the United States District Court and the Southern District of Florida.  Explain to me why my number never gets drawn for the Lotto.  Sigh.

At first I thought, Well at least it’s in the summer.  It won’t interrupt work.  But then I checked the date.  August 10.  As in my last day of summer vacation.  I have to report to work bright and early August 11.  Matter of fact, I’m supposed to do a presentation.

I know, I know, civic duty and all that.  But I’d be lying if I said I’m not crossing my fingers that I’ll call the night before and they won’t need me.