Wistful Date Night

It’s Friday night.  And Mr. R. is working, a sad side effect of his new schedule.  If he didn’t have to be at work, I’d want to go to the Food Truck Invasion at Abacoa in Jupiter.  We’ve been a couple of times and it’s a lot of fun.  There are trucks with every kind of food you can imagine.  As you walks the streets of Abacoa Town Center, the cacophony of aromas of food cooking outdoors makes your mouth water.

I have one problem with the Food Truck Invasion; I can never decide what to get.  How many sandwiches, burgers, burritos, and gyros can you eat?


I usually stick with my stand-by, doughnuts from our neighbor, Redd.  He makes them to order while you wait so they’re always hot and fresh.  While he makes many varieties, my favorite is the kind with powdered sugar.  He takes the fresh doughnuts out of the fryer and puts them in a waxed paper bag, dumps the powdered sugar on them, then rolls the top of the bag closed trapping in all the steam, which sort of emulsifies the powdered sugar to create a kind of glaze.  Ho.  Ly.  COW!  That’s good.

If you happen to be in the area on the second Friday night of the month, try out the Jupiter Food Truck Invasion.  Maybe we’ll make it in July.

Self-Defense Techniques, What is Important ?

These are great tips for staying safe in a very scary world. South Florida Samurai is a friend of Mr. R. and myself. You should give him a follow. 🙂

South Florida Samurai Magazine

When teaching self-defense techniques I take into account a few things.

Techniques must be simple to use and learn. 

People may never practice these techniques outside the class.

Everyone’s athletic or physically capabilities are different.

I try to teach techniques that do not use specific targets, pressure points or a particular stance.  There are many cases where people, untrained in self-defense methods have fought off attackers.

SoWhy teach these skills ? There are many who are not aware of simple techniques or moves they can perform that will be successful in situations and even a little knowledge can be useful and better than nothing.

This first level of self-defense is meant to give people a fighting chance.  Teaching one how to defend them self will make a difference in a confrontation. When the body is in the fight or flightmode it will not recall detailed techniques…

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