Self-Defense Techniques, What is Important ?

These are great tips for staying safe in a very scary world. South Florida Samurai is a friend of Mr. R. and myself. You should give him a follow. 🙂

South Florida Samurai Magazine

When teaching self-defense techniques I take into account a few things.

Techniques must be simple to use and learn. 

People may never practice these techniques outside the class.

Everyone’s athletic or physically capabilities are different.

I try to teach techniques that do not use specific targets, pressure points or a particular stance.  There are many cases where people, untrained in self-defense methods have fought off attackers.

SoWhy teach these skills ? There are many who are not aware of simple techniques or moves they can perform that will be successful in situations and even a little knowledge can be useful and better than nothing.

This first level of self-defense is meant to give people a fighting chance.  Teaching one how to defend them self will make a difference in a confrontation. When the body is in the fight or flightmode it will not recall detailed techniques…

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