Saturday Night Serenade–Island Time

A live performance by Jimmy Buffett seems to be just the right speed for a lazy summertime Saturday night.  Jimmy Buffett in concert.  Now there’s something I haven’t done yet.  It’s added to my bucket list.  But for now, raise your rum buckets in a toast to a happy Saturday night!

Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 20

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Caution: Shameless Self-promotion AheadAtonement Tennessee

Thank you so very much to Donna, RC, and Kathryn, who have all sent “three things” to drive this story.  All those are waiting in queue.  However, the steam(punk) locomotive was all out of fuel when I started writing this episode.  Also since I didn’t have “three things” to drive this episode that meant there wasn’t anyone for me to promote either!  So… since indie authors are supposed to engage in incessant, brazen self-promotion, I guess I’ll promote my novel, Atonement, Tennessee.

Atonement, Tennessee is available now and you can get it here:

Barnes & Noble Nook

Kindle and Paperback

Amazon UK

Amazon India

Work in ProgressAtonement in Bloom

Book-2, Atonement in Bloom, is in progress.  No estimated completion date, because I spend all my time working on this blog and the serials.  Somehow I have to become able to do everything…

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