The New Normal

If you’ve followed us through the saga of Mr. R.’s little appointment with mortality, you know that we’ve been making changes at our house.  He hasn’t had a cigar since the one he smoked on his way to the Emergency Room.  He’s been really dedicated to eating right and exercising.

Gone are the fried chicken wings, late-night ice cream sundaes, and huge overloaded dinner plates.  Just by eating healthier and exercising regularly, Mr. R. has lost weight.  He’s aiming to eat mostly what he calls ‘God food’, which I suppose most people call ‘unprocessed’.

Our land shark Jack has started coming into the bedroom in the morning to remind Mr. R. that it’s “0-Walk o’clock.”  The two of them have found a three-mile circuit in the neighborhood and they’ve been sticking to it faithfully.  Their commitment has encouraged me to begin working out, too.  Whatever!

wpid-20150621_161514-1.jpgBut I had to laugh when Mr. R. returned home from the grocery store the other day.  It’s definitely a brand new day.