He Cracks Me Up!

Out here in the country, it’s a sad but true fact that if you open the door in the summer, you get flies in the house.

My Timehop today reminded me of a conversation Mr. R. and I had about a year ago.  He’d been trying unsuccessfully to remove a tiny winged varmint.

Mr. R.: I almost killed that fly with my bare hand.

Me: I would have been impressed.

Mr. R: I once caught a fly with chopsticks.

Me: That was the Karate Kid.

Mr. R.: Oh.  I thought that sounded familiar.

6 thoughts on “He Cracks Me Up!

  1. I forgot this rule and carelessly left my door open today. Now I know there is at least one fly in the house since I saw it dart furiously past me. That’s when I realized my grave error.

    Not looking forward to sleeping in the house with that fly tonight….

      1. Hah! I found him seated on my laptop staring at me quietly. I searched around for something and only found a plastic ruler which actually did an amazing job on that brazen little critter. I’m not sure why I felt sorry after 😉

      2. Not really. I hate killing anything, but sometimes it’s just me or them…..I could have done the jar thing and let him go but I figured he’d be gone by the time I found the jar…..


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