Spreading the Indie love…

Bookshelf Battle

Hop on over to twitter, check out #indieprideday and you’ll be amazed at how many indie authors are participating.

Lots of writers promoting their own books, others’ books and trumpeting the message to make indie publishing go mainstream.

(If indies go mainstream, are they still indies?)

Oh well, good for them.  I’m filled with pride and I haven’t even written a book yet.

Even so, I’m proud of all these folks who have, and inspired that there are so many of them.

All of these people, many of whom likely would have had the door to their dreams shut on them by the traditional publishing world, now able to do what they want to do thanks to the power of indie publishing.

If you’re in the self publishing racket, share your book or a friend’s.

Here’s this nerd’s contribution:

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Celebrate Indie Pride Day

Indie pride day pic
Indie Author Pandora Spocks, holding her book Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over

July 1, 2015 is Indie Pride Day.    Social media is going to be flooded with photos of proud independent authors holding their books.

If you’ve never ventured out of the literary world of big name publishers, take the opportunity to explore all the great books that are available from self-published authors.

Remember when iTunes first came out and suddenly you found bands you loved and had never heard of before.  Huge traditional publishers have long determined the literature that is available to the public.  With the advent of self-publishing like Kindle Direct Press, there’s a never-ending selection of possibilities.   Self-published ebooks are infinitely more affordable than establishment books.  Hell, with Kindle Unlimited you can read books for free.

And, if you’re thinking about investigating the books offered by Indie Authors, might I suggest Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over by Pandora Spocks.  It’s a contemporary spicy romantic novel and it’s available on Amazon for a mere $2.99, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Support Indie Authors!  #IndieBooksBeSeen #IndiePrideDay