Spreading the Indie love…

Bookshelf Battle

Hop on over to twitter, check out #indieprideday and you’ll be amazed at how many indie authors are participating.

Lots of writers promoting their own books, others’ books and trumpeting the message to make indie publishing go mainstream.

(If indies go mainstream, are they still indies?)

Oh well, good for them.  I’m filled with pride and I haven’t even written a book yet.

Even so, I’m proud of all these folks who have, and inspired that there are so many of them.

All of these people, many of whom likely would have had the door to their dreams shut on them by the traditional publishing world, now able to do what they want to do thanks to the power of indie publishing.

If you’re in the self publishing racket, share your book or a friend’s.

Here’s this nerd’s contribution:

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