Live, Love, Laugh

I will marry my best friend, and we will frolic and play everyday of our lives.

I am loving life this summer.  Remember how I hated Mr. R.’s new schedule, working from 3:30-11:30?  That was when I was still at work.  We didn’t see each other from Sunday night until Friday afternoon.

But…now that I’m off for the summer, I stay up late and we hang out after he gets home from work.  The best part, however, is sleeping late.  I’m loving these long, lazy mornings as we cuddle and doze together until we feel like getting up.  Or until Jack insists.  Land sharks!

This morning was delicious.  I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance and rain was pounding on the roof so I just burrowed deeper into the covers and snuggled up to Mr. R.  When we woke up much later, he checked outside and got back into bed for a few minutes.  “The rain is all dried up,” he told me.

“Really?  What happened to it?” I asked.

“Out came the sun and dried up all the rain,” he sang.

I giggled.  “What happened to the itsy bitsy spider?”

“The itsy bitsy…” he bagan.  “Wait, I’ll have to show you,” he said, as he sang it again, this time with the motions.  I laughed until I hurt.

I’m loving life this summer.