Saturday Night Serenade–Hamlet

It’s Saturday night and Mr. R. and I are taking Date Night to Shakespeare by the Sea.  I wrote about this the other day.  This year the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival is presenting the timeless tragedy Hamlet.  For tonight’s serenade, I wanted to come up with a song that fits the bill, something dark and tragic.  (Please know I’m giggling as I write this.  I’m twisted like that.)  I wanted something that was definitely not a banjo song.  It’s impossible to play a sad song on a banjo.

Finally, I came up with How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths.  For me, it takes me back to dancing ass to elbows in the wee hours of the morning on the packed black and white checkerboard dance floor at Respectable Street on Clematis in downtown West Palm Beach.  That was before they put hardwood over the whole floor.  Sigh.

Anyway, I think if Hamlet lived in the modern age, he would probably have written this song.  Don’t take it too seriously.  And happy Saturday Night!