You’ve Gotta Laugh

The never-a-dull-moment 26 Couples Who Have This Whole Relationship Thing Figured Out

This blog is all about celebrating our life as a couple.  It’s called Adventures in Date Night, and typically Date Night is when we go out to eat or drink or do something fun.  But Date Night doesn’t have to mean leaving the house and spending tons of money.

Marriage is hard.  Everybody tells you that.  You have two different people who bring with them two different sets of life experience.  They have to live together, work together, problem-solve together, raise kids together…  I’m going to add that in my opinion, it’s essential that they laugh together.  We’ve had our fair share of difficulties in our time together, Mr. R. and I.  It’s called life, really.  Many of our difficulties could be solved by winning the Powerball, just saying.

But I have noticed that when we face a challenge, we always find a way to laugh at something.  Because on top of being able to work together, we love to laugh together.  We have since our very first date when he ordered a strawberry margarita in his deep, basso profundo voice.  I was hooked.

This couple is getting it right.  I think I’d come up with higher stakes than who cooks dinner.  But do you love the little shout-out to The Hunger Games?  I’m going to have to hunt up a couple of Nerf guns.

14 thoughts on “You’ve Gotta Laugh

  1. Holy crap, that photo is awesome. But there should be at least one Get Out of Jail Free Card that you can use on those evenings when the last once of energy you’ve got left when you walk through the door will be used for opening the wine and crawling into jammies. But he’s welcome to crawl into my jammies with me.

  2. Annie B

    It’s the glue that held us together through every tragedy. It’s the joy that keeps us humming along. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

  3. miss agatha armstrong

    I had proper gentle every day laughter with Mr F last night… Like we’d been together for years – it was another first and so easy.


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