Saturday Night Serenade–I’m Yours

It’s another hot August Saturday night.  Hopefully you’re with the one(s) you love and enjoying the weekend.  Thought I’d drop a little Jason Mraz on you tonight. I love this song.  It’s such a happy little tune and it just feels like summer.

Guanabanas Tiki Stage and Waterfall Patio
Guanabanas Jupiter, FL

Maybe that’s because at Guanabanas, one of my favorite local places to go to eat or just for happy hour, there’s a guy who plays Jason Mraz covers.  It’s an open air place on the water with a tiny stage and a tropical tiki vibe.  I love nothing better than to sit at a high-top sipping their Cat 5 hurricane and listening to terrific live music.

This is a great version of I’m Yours with amazing harmonies.  And besides, isn’t live music the best?  Happy Saturday night!

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