Saturday Night Serenade–Nothing But A Good Time

Confession: Back in the day (and even now) the band Poison was/is a guilty pleasure.  You know they’re not good.  It’s not what you’d call quality music.  But still…  They’re awesome.

A few years back, Mr. R. and I had the chance to see them at our local amphitheatre, which I’ll always call Coral Sky, the original name, regardless of which brand of liquor is sponsoring the naming rights this week.  Poison was appearing with some other band from the same era, probably Winger or somebody.  Anyway, they could have simply phoned it in, we’d all have been happy, if only for the nostalgia factor.

Except that they didn’t.  They came out and kicked ass.  Apparently they never got the memo that they were a joke, a slight footnote in the 80s hair band portion of pop culture.  I’m telling you now, if you ever get the chance, absolutely go see Poison in concert.  Because on a Saturday night, we don’t need nothing but a good time.  Happy Saturday Night!

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