Re-Releasing TODAY!

social media launch l&bSorry, folks.  Another shameless plug for my Smart, Sexy Adventure, Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over.

While it’s been out on Amazon since early June, I’ve re-published it with the help of Draft2Digital and today it comes out on three more venues.  If you’ve been waiting because you don’t use a Kindle reader, now’s your chance to get it in a different format.

Here are the links for the new online markets.




I hope you check it out, and please be sure to leave a review, good, bad, or indifferent, where you buy the book.  And once again, thanks so much for supporting Indie Authors.

2 thoughts on “Re-Releasing TODAY!

  1. miss agatha armstrong

    I so loved the last one and so excited to get this one. Win have to wait for a few wèeks as the coffer’s are empty x but yay xx congrats you gorgeous girl


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