Saturday Night Serenade–Well, The November Part Is Right

It’s November!  Here we are merely weeks away from Christmas.  By the stroke of midnight last Saturday, advertisers rolled out a blitz of holiday commercials.  They’re playing Christmas music in the stores and I’m beginning to feel the panic of making sure I don’t forget anyone on my list and that I get everything shipped to arrive on time.

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-07-14-57-15-1.pngBut wait a tic.  We have the entire month of November, and I for one would like to slow down and enjoy it.  It’s the time for cooler weather, for pumpkin spice and hot apple cider.  This time last year, we were using our fireplace and our home was a cozy place to unwind.  That was last year.

This year the weather is slightly different.  Regardless of what the calendar says, we’re having ourselves a tropical heat wave.  The air conditioning is cranked full-blast and don’t even talk to me about the fire wood available in front of Publix.

For the first Saturday of November, I chose November Rain by Guns N Roses.  Granted, it’s neither cold nor raining.  But I’ve always loved this song.  There were those back in the day who criticized Axl Rose for this extra-long epic.  Some called him pretentious for using an orchestra to back up the band.

But I like it, and I appreciate the moxie to try something different.  Always be a square peg.  And happy Saturday night!