Saturday Night Serenade–Imagine

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who hasn’t been heartbroken by the recent events in Paris, the evil perpetrated in the name of a god.  I take comfort in my belief that good overcomes evil.  There are just too many people who love.

And we won’t be cowed or terrorized into changing the way we live our lives.  Because hate doesn’t get to win.

This is John Lennon’s Imagine, performed by Playing for Change.  PFC is an organization whose mission is to “connect the world through music.”  Using a mobile recording studio, they record street musicians all over the world and integrate the parts into beautiful versions of classic songs.

I couldn’t resist the symbolism.  Just imagine if people could unite in love instead of hate.


Let’s keep living our lives and going about our business.  Be extra kind to someone today.  Toss up a prayer for those immediately affected.  And hug your loved ones tightly.

Happy Saturday night.


12 thoughts on “Saturday Night Serenade–Imagine

  1. Evil perpetrated in the name of a god, I can’t get on board with that. I saw the news about Paris yesterday while I was getting ready to go out & I didn’t even consider not going out…sure, I live in Brooklyn, NY (and anytime something like the Paris attack puts all NYC on high alert like it’s September 12, 2001 again) because if we hide in our houses, they get the best of us, they win, and I won’t have that.


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