Saturday Night Serenade–The Season’s Upon Us

Christmas is less than a week away and I just started a two-week reprieve from the daily beatings.  Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit irreverent tonight.

Christmas is a time for hearth and home, for kith and kin.  What the heck is kith?  Just Googled it–apparently it means people you hang with and who aren’t necessarily related to you.  Gotcha.  Anyhoo…

Mr. R. and I will be spending Christmas alone, just the two of us.  The kids are off doing their own things this year so on Friday, we’ll probably sleep late and take the day in a leisurely way, maybe later in the afternoon go visit a few kith and kin (using it like a pro, now!), deliver a few gifts.

But home is where your loved ones are, whether few or many.  Tonight’s serenade features the Dropkick Murphys putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional with their holiday song, The Season’s Upon Us.  Before you judge, think to yourself, Who among us hasn’t been there?

I promise that before Friday, I’ll pull myself together and be more mature.  Probably.

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