Saturday Night Serenade–Rough Week

It was a rough week, friends.  In the span of eight days, we lost three very talented people.

When I heard that David Bowie was gone, I couldn’t believe it.  He just seemed like someone who’d always be here, a curious, artistic soul who happily adapted as time moved forward.  Fortunately for us, he left a brand new album.  It seems prophetic, I suppose, because although he knew he was dying, we didn’t.

I was a huge fan of Alan Rickman and I’ll tell you now, I never saw a second of any Harry Potter movie.  He was terrific in Sense and Sensibility, and an utter asshole in Love Actually.  But I loved him in Galaxy Quest, a parody of Star Trek, where he made fun of himself as a serious actor.  If you haven’t seen it, you really should.

I think The Eagles were the first serious band I ever loved.  Pretty sure my Bay City Rollers phase in elementary school doesn’t count.  Glenn Frey was always my favorite Eagle.  Back in 6th grade, when we were too cool for school, we didn’t want to play at recess.  That was for little kids.  Instead, G.A. Smith and Bobby Burns would bring their guitars out and we’d all sit in the shade and listen to them play Eagles tunes.  I always wanted to go see them in concert.  Guess this is the closest I’m going to get.

And one more, because I couldn’t resist.

Happy Saturday night!


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