Sock It To ED

Sock it to ED!

Yes, that’s me, folks.  Mrs. R. herself.  I posed in colorful hosiery in support of my bestie, Mo.  My girl Mo has suffered from an eating disorder for the last thirty years.  It’s only in the last few years that she’s become open about it, although I suspected for quite some time.

I can’t even pretend to understand what makes someone abuse her body like this but I know that it stems from a lot of self-loathing, from never feeling ‘good enough’ no matter what she does.  Thing is, Mo is absolutely the most beautiful person, inside and out, that you’ll ever meet.  But that’s something she has to realize.

From my perspective, it seems like she’s kind of gotten a handle on her ED.  I know it was great for her to just say, “Hey, I struggle with an eating disorder.”  She’s been very active for the last few years in the ED support community, participating in the annual awareness walk and she’s raised a great deal of money for the cause.

She’s also started a photography business, shooting weddings, christenings, and family portraits.  Mo is smart and funny and talented.  My life is better for knowing her.  And I have mad respect for her courage to be open about her struggles.

So if I have to wear silly socks and post it on social media to show my support, so be it.  You may know someone who struggles with an eating disorder.  You may be unaware that someone you know deals with these issues.  Consider posting a “Sock it to ED” picture yourself in honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  Maybe someone won’t feel so alone.

Looking for resources about eating disorders?  Check the National Eating Disorders Association website.


7 thoughts on “Sock It To ED

    1. Do you know, literally as I was writing that piece she called me in tears. Her mother suddenly died from a heart attack a few hours ago. I know she’d appreciate any thoughts and prayers… 😦


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