Saturday Night Serenade–Dance The Night Away

It’s the weekend, my friends.  What a hard-fought, long-ass week it was. One I thought would never end.  But here we are on the first Saturday in  March.  Yesterday, we celebrated Mr. R.’s birthday.  That’s a sure sign that spring is nearly here and the countdown to summer has begun.

I’ve had this earworm all week.  Probably the result of listening to classic rock radio on the way to and from work everyday.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Old cuts like this one from Van Halen take me back to a simpler time, maybe that’s why it’s stuck with me.  And have you seen them lately?  Eddie looks terrific.  He’s had his health issues and struggles with addiction but it seems he’s come out on the other side of them as good as ever.  Diamond Dave’s voice, not so much, which is why I chose this classic video from back in the day.

So go ahead, take a chance.  You’re old enough to dance the night away.  Happy Saturday Night!

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