Saturday Night Serenade–Mellow Saturday

I’m feeling mellow tonight.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been off all this week for Spring Break.  Maybe it’s because I’m still feeling a little down since my baby returned home to the wilds of the Mid-West.  Maybe it’s because it’s Easter tomorrow.  But I’m in a James Taylor sort of mood.  Sometimes, only his brand of mellow will do.

And you’re in luck–it’s a two-fer!  Because I couldn’t resist Sweet Baby James.  Happy Saturday night!

And Happy Easter!


screenshot_2016-03-26-09-56-13-1.pngWe had a terrific time while my son was here this week, although the time went WAY too fast.  We hung out, visited a few of his favorite haunts, and had his buddy out for dinner one night.

Since my boy would too soon be land-locked once again in Nebraska, we made sure we got out to the beach one day.  While walking along, my husband spotted this.  The photo and caption are his.

Which explains just one reason why I love this man so much.