Saturday Night Serenade–Purple Tears

We lost another one this week.  I’m left wondering if it’s happening more often or if I’m just getting older, as are the iconic artists of my lifetime.

I was never what I considered a huge Prince fan, never went to one of his shows.  But many of his songs are in the soundtrack of my life and I always appreciated his musical genius.  He sort of reminded me of Mozart in the movie Amadeus.  He was talented and quirky and unbalanced.

Television and the internet have been awash in all kinds of tributes.  Some of it is over the top in my opinion.  Those folks hanging out in front of his house in lawn chairs and stuff…What’s up with that?  Oh, fun fact I heard in one of the tributes–Prince wrote many songs for other people, including Manic Monday by the Bangles.

Many criticized and ridiculed the period of time he changed his name to a weird symbol, but I sort of got it.  The record company owned ‘Prince’ so he ceased to be that for the duration of his contract.  Big companies seem to think they hold all the cards.  I know an author who, in leaving a publishing company, has forfeited rights to two of her books until 2018.  It’s kind of crazy.

He kept a pretty tight lid on his work, too.  There have been several times I wanted to feature Prince here on SNS but it’s always been next to impossible to find a video of his to post or share.  My favorite song is Raspberry Beret.  For some reason it reminds me of summer.

I couldn’t find a satisfactory video of that song, but I did dig up this terrific performance from the 2004 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  Watching it was a reminder of the talent we lost.  I hope you enjoy the clip.  Happy Saturday night!

One thought on “Saturday Night Serenade–Purple Tears

  1. notacrazyexwife

    As a Minnesotan, it makes sense why some people felt the need to go to paisley park and camp out.

    It was on my bucket list to go to a concert there. I always found an excuse on why I couldn’t.


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