Saturday Night Serenade–Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Tonight on HBO they’re airing the 2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert.  Mr. R. and I look forward to this concert every year.  It brings together some of the greatest musicians of the age and suddenly magic happens.  Last year, nobody was surprised when Green Day, Joan Jett, and Ringo Starr brought down the house.  But a couple of years ago, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens blew everyone away with Peace Train.  Who saw that coming?  I love the unexpected gem.  Consider this a bonus track.

This year’s inductees include Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple, N.W.A., and Steve Miller.  Tonight’s serenade by Cheap Trick is from a 2010 SXSW performance.  It’s not as polished as the official video, but I love a live performance.

By the way, Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson was in the news this week.  The father of a child with autism, he and his wife Alison have started a program called Rock Your Speech, a music project designed to help kids “find their voices.”  This is from his website:

Rock Your Speech uses songs and lyric videos to build language skills in children with autism. Listen to the music, and you’ll hear useful phrases and sounds, such as “I’m hungry,” “What’s your name” or “I don’t feel good.” Repetition techniques teach language simply and literally, and since it’s truly rock and roll, the music appeals to all ages. Watch a lyric video, and you’ll see how words and images work in tandem to reinforce language skills and show the mechanics of speech sounds.

Tonight, Mr. R. and I will snuggle on the sofa and tune in to the 2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, watching for this year’s little surprise.  Hope you enjoy these tunes and have a very Happy Saturday night!


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