Pillow Talk

Snuggle giggles: I love my husband.  Have I ever mentioned that?  There are many reasons why, but among them is his terrific sense of humor.  Since we met, he’s always been able to make me laugh.  Sometimes for inappropriate reasons.  Often for inappropriate reasons.

His work schedule is such that his weekend is in the middle of the week.  Mine is always Saturday and Sunday.  So although we enjoy our evenings, we have no days off together.

Until summer.  Because I have every day off from June 6 through August 5.

On Memorial Day, we had a little taste of the days to come.  We took full advantage, lazily sleeping in as late as a five-year-old German shepherd would allow.  Luxuriating in our cozy haven, cuddled up together, my love whispered this sweet sentiment:

“It’s nice to be so old, so cantankerous, and so in love!  So everyone can shut the fuck up.”

I love that man!  😉

Where Did The Time Go?


I had no idea that I started Adventures in Date Night two years ago today! It’s been a blast to share our adventures, slices of south Florida life,  some of our favorite music, and funny little moments along the way. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

I’ve been so busy writing and promoting, with a new book coming out next week (fingers crossed), I feel like I’ve neglected this little blog. In a few days I’ll be on vacation and have more time to devote to sharing our further adventures.

Thanks for hanging in there with us for these last two years! I’ll look forward to visiting more often.

Saturday Night Serenade–Courtney Barnett

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of summer!  I’m so excited!  Only three more beatings and then I’m off until August.  Mr. R. and I will actually have a few days off together every week, unlike the rest of the year.  I should finally have time to work on the things I want to work on, including paying more attention to this neglected little blog.

For tonight’s serenade, I wanted something fresh and I’m pretty sure this fits the bill.  In all honesty, I’d never heard of Courtney Barnett until last week, when she appeared on Saturday Night Live.  While Mr. R. and I are avid fans of the show, we often give the musical guest about ten seconds before we mute the sound, or fast forward if we’re watching on dvr.  This one was different, catching our attention immediately.  The song is Pedestrian At Best, but she’s not pedestrian in the slightest.  She’s an Aussie punk, and if Nirvana and Joan Jett had a baby, she would be Courtney Barnett.

So enjoy your holiday weekend, your barbecues, and time with the family.  Along the way, don’t forget what it’s all about.  And have a happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–My Sharona

It’s nearly summer and I’m two weeks out from vacation.  Indeed, two weeks from today, work will be what was until early August.  And it can’t come soon enough.

Last week, we brought in the funk.  Tonight, I want to bring in the punkMy Sharona came out in 1979 and was the debut release from The Knack.  Which I suppose makes it a moldy oldie, but honestly if anybody was putting out music like this today, we’d be listening, right?  I have to confess my naivete; back in the day, I had no idea the lyrics were as risque as they are, but that just makes it all the better now.

I love this video.  First of all they’re actually playing.  It’s not some of that ‘lip-syncing over pre-recorded’ BS.  It’s infuriating when artists do that.  I mean, singing…  It’s what they do.  Next, check out the drummer.  He’s like Animal from the Muppets.  And the bassist is just too cool.  It all comes together for great performance.

So tonight, I’m relaxing with my love and counting down the days (nay, hours, minutes, and seconds) until summer break.  And we’re enjoying a bit of nasty nostalgia, ha ha, with The Knack and My Sharona.  Happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–Superstition

It’s Saturday, May 14.  Which means that yesterday was Friday the 13th.  I actually had a colleague call in sick yesterday in honor of the momentous occasion.  I just shook my head.

I’m not really a believer in superstition.  I don’t check my horoscope faithfully.  I don’t freak out when I spill salt, don’t avoid black cats, opening umbrellas indoors, or walking under ladders, other than for rational safety reasons.  I’m not much of a believer in things that go bump in the night, with a few notable exceptions.  You can see my October stories for these.

But I do believe in funk, and I hope that you do, too.  Tonight’s serenade is the legendary Stevie Wonder with Superstition, in celebration of yesterday.  Happy Saturday night!

Saturday Night Serenade–Happy Mother’s Day!

Tomorrow is the day we set aside to honor and appreciate our mothers.  Mothering is a tough job.  I know because I raised two sons of my own.  My experience gave me insight into how, in many ways, my own mother, like all of us, did the best she knew how, and certainly better than was done for her.

Mothers aren’t perfect.  There’s no definitive handbook to explain how to do it.  If I did it now, I’d do a much better job.  I know a lot more after all these miles.  But I suppose that’s why we do it while we’re young and we still know everything.  😉

For tonight’s serenade, I chose this song by Celine Dion.  I know, it’s meant to be a romantic love song.  But if you replace the ‘baby’s with Mamas, it works pretty well.  On a side note, it was hard to find a proper video, because Celine Dion is freaking annoying.  Either she’s making weird faces or there’s a creepy clown dancing in the background.  But it’s kind of nice having the lyrics right here so I hope you enjoy it.

In other news, the Kentucky Derby is today.  I employed my usual strategy for picking horses and came up with my winner.  Mr. R. and I stopped off yesterday at the local dog track to place our wager on Suddenbreakingnews.  I have alerted my job that if we win, I will not be reporting to work on Monday.  And I will have lots of time to write plenty of blog posts.  So, fingers crossed…

Happy Saturday night!  And Happy Mother’s Day!

5 Ways to Romance Your Woman

This fits nicely with a blog on Date Night…

Pandora Spocks

Hello, I’m Pandora S. (Hi, Pandora!).  I don’t cure cancer, I don’t solve the problem of world hunger, I don’t perform brain surgery or do rocket science.  But I do know romance.  I write sexy erotic romance novels.  It’s what I do.

Ladies, talk amongst yourselves.  This one’s for the boys.  Step closer, gentlemen.  I’m about to share a peek into the feminine heart.  Think of your lady love.  You’ve won her heart.  The work is over, right?  Wrong.  The task now is to keep the fires burning.

sunset of a beautiful day against silhouette of affectionate cou

So how do you do that?  It’s not all that complicated.  Here are five simple things you can do to romance your woman.

  1. Leave sweet notes.  It takes very little time to pen a quick “Have a great day!” and leave it where she’ll see it before she leaves for work.  Or send a quick text: “Thinking about you.”  You…

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