5 Ways to Romance Your Woman

This fits nicely with a blog on Date Night…

Pandora Spocks

Hello, I’m Pandora S. (Hi, Pandora!).  I don’t cure cancer, I don’t solve the problem of world hunger, I don’t perform brain surgery or do rocket science.  But I do know romance.  I write sexy erotic romance novels.  It’s what I do.

Ladies, talk amongst yourselves.  This one’s for the boys.  Step closer, gentlemen.  I’m about to share a peek into the feminine heart.  Think of your lady love.  You’ve won her heart.  The work is over, right?  Wrong.  The task now is to keep the fires burning.

sunset of a beautiful day against silhouette of affectionate cou

So how do you do that?  It’s not all that complicated.  Here are five simple things you can do to romance your woman.

  1. Leave sweet notes.  It takes very little time to pen a quick “Have a great day!” and leave it where she’ll see it before she leaves for work.  Or send a quick text: “Thinking about you.”  You…

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